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The Indonesian government realizes that the higher education could compose a more constructive role in helping Indonesia in particular and other developing countries around the world to achieve our long-term socio-economic goals as it has a clear and practical impact on society. We are convinced that it can promote responsible citizenship, ethical behavior, educational ambition, professional development in a broad range of fields, and even cross border engagement. And as part of our commitment to help our international society surviving the global social and economic challenges, sharing our experience and resources in nurturing highly skilled and educated society has become our primary approach to contribute in the human resources development in our neighboring developing countries.

The developing countries certainly need leaders, well-mannered society, educated citizens, and skilled workers for their industry, government, and academia. In this respect, the KNB scholarship offered by the Indonesian government provides the opportunity for potential students in developing countries to develop their knowledge and competencies that will subsequently enhance their chances to fulfil those roles back in their home countries. The KNB scholarship opens the opportunity to experience life in the culturally most diverse nation in the world while studying and earning a master degree.

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